An innovative workbook to learn and understand japanese characters in an easy way no matter where you are. Now on Kickstarter



This workbook is about learning the Japanese characters through watching and writing. Pictures are there to help you understand the meaning and support you in remembering. Moreover every word is written in 4 different languages (English, French, German and Italian). The book is rather small that is why you can simply take it with you anywhere you go.

In addition a Hiragana table, a vocabulary part with basic sentences and an introduction in Kanji are included.

  • Easy to learn and understand japanese characters
  • Easy to carry, everywhere you go
  • Smart design
  • No boring tool
  • Background information about the characters and the country
  • Easy to write in the correct way
  • Available in 5 languages


My first contact with Japan, was in my early childhood. Someday, somewhere, somehow I found Anime. As I was getting older I got even more into it and simply enjoyed watching Anime.

Until someday, everything got more serious. I was told that my school runs an exchange Programm with Japan. As I realised my chance to visit Japan, I got really excited and tried convincing my parents to let me go to Japan and again, somehow it worked.

That changed everything! Although I was already in love with Anime, I discovered a hole new dimension of Japan. The beautiful country, extremely kind people and an unique culture are just some examples of the incredible world of Japan.

I love Japan, and I am convinced, there are many people out there that feel the same way I do. So I want to help them. I want to help you, discovering the language of a country you simply love. And believe me when I say, the more as you get into the language the more you discover a country, full of treasures and surprises.

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Creative, artwork and lyrics
Loves Dennis concept and helps him with ceative ideas, paints. Is exited to showcase Nihon4you.

/ tina@nihon4you.com
Dennis Lebrecht


Founder and product development
Loves Japanese laguage, country and culture. Founder and owner of the concept behind Nihon4you. Get’s in contact with Japan on a school exchange program. Try to learn Japanees leangues and caractets and develope his own method to learn easily japanese caractets sucessfully

/ dennis@nihon4you.com
Kai Lebrecht


Organisation, finance and logistics
Helps with his business experience, coordinates and organise this workbook project.

/ kai@nihon4you.com


Foto and media
Has a faible to photograph landscape and special situations. Is praud to help with his emotional imigages